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Planet One has tied up with the University of Stirling, UK to offer internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate courses for UAE citizens and expats. The University of Stirling’s pioneering spirit and passion for innovation is something that resonated with the Planet One Group. The university serves as an agent of change, connecting people and transforming students’ lives. Located in central Scotland, the University of Stirling is renowned for addressing societal concerns through advanced interdisciplinary research. Founded in 1967, this university was the first to be established in Scotland for 400+ years.

The University of Stirling courses are offered in our campus at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. All courses have been tailor-made to suit the academic preferences of the local community, giving them an opportunity to be associated with one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

For further details please visit https://stir.ae

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PLANET ONE Education
  • Our English Language solution is a blended learning program (Online and face to face English Training) which can be seamlessly delivered to give a uniform and high class communication training program
  • Our English courses are designed to meet national and international standards, including the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), IELTS, TOEFL and CASAS Competencies and Contents
  • Gives learners the tools necessary to improve all aspects of their English language skills –listening, speaking, reading and writing and encourages both fluency and accuracy, and develops confidence by delivering a highly personalized learning experience via an easy-to-use platform
  • With its effective Learning Management System, it has streamlined accountability and data collection by monitoring learner activity at the student, class and institution level.
  • Our English Language Solution covers a wide variety of professional fields, including business, banking, engineering, aviation, sales, accounting, hospitality, teaching, travel and finance among others.

PLANET ONE pioneers fully-immersive interactive 3D Virtual Reality laboratory to facilitate Higher Education, Research and Training

PLANET ONE’s advanced 3D Immersive Visualization applications enable users to immerse themselves in an artificially simulated environment, with the ability to navigate through the environment and interact with objects within it.

We have the following technologies in the 3D Immersive space:

  • Portable 3D Lab set up – PLANET ONE helps Institutes set up this 3D Portable Lab and use it for 3D visualization, virtual reality research and innovative ways of human-computer interaction. The requisite training for the teachers and technical support is part of the offering.
  • Centre of Excellence (COE) for 3D Immersive Technology – PLANET ONE has set up a CAVE Lab, in partnership with Centre of Higher Learning based out of NASA Mississippi, USA and Mechdyne, USA.
  • 3D training – PLANET ONE conducts training sessions on 3D virtual immersive environment for the teachers and students of the institutions. Teacher training is typically in train-the-trainer mode, so that the teachers can continue to impart the training to their students.
  • Content for Learning Concepts – PLANET ONE Education develops Learning Objects (2D & 3D) depending on the topic, its complexity and level of the learners.
PLANET ONE Education
PLANET ONE Education

PLANET ONE’s XLR8 assessment platform is one of the world’s largest online assessment platforms used to design, administer and report resulting data from assessments

Our experts help in creating an assessment strategy as per national requirements or the requirements of the higher education institute

Assessment Platform for the country – Conduct Formative and Summative Examinations.

In addition to the assessment platform we offer the following services:-
  • Item bank - professionally crafted, expertly aligned smart questions/items, ability to create your own questions.
  • Assessment and Screeners – specially designed benchmarking tests for knowing the proficiency of the students.
  • Advanced report generations – advanced capabilities for producing student test results.
  • Greater visual accommodations – to better accommodate individual student’s needs.
  • Campus Management System (CMS) is a web based software package for the comprehensive Information Management and Decision Support System, including Administrative, Academic, Resource, Financial Management, Student Information, Student Tracking and Staff Monitoring in colleges and higher institutions.
  • Our CMS offers integration of operational procedures and campus management information through a standardized framework.
  • CMS offers campus information repository covering infrastructural and resource details of Campus to promote quality education.
  • CMS also offers an information based MIS to track performance and training needs of instructors and staff in higher education institutes.
PLANET ONE Education