K12 Education Solutions

  • PLANET ONE ConnecTeach, a joint initiative between PLANET ONE Education and the University of Oxford, is aimed at developing 21st Century teaching and learning skills amongst teachers
  • PLANET ONE Education & University of Oxford have developed a networked learning community that operates within and across national borders
  • ConnecTeach is a 24 weeks Teacher Professional Development Program and comprises of 3 learning modules developed by the experts from the University of Oxford
  • ConnecTeach program is integrated with teachers' everyday classroom activities and not provided as a standalone training session
  • ConnecTeach will provide flexibility for teachers to get trained without having to leave their classroom or school premises
  • It is essentially an activity system in which teachers develop their professional knowledge through dialogue, mediation, action and reflection
  • Teachers who become members of the ConnecTeach community engage in learning activities that are designed to extend their professional knowledge of learning, teaching and assessment
Core  English Language Solution
  • Our English Language solution is a blended learning program (Online and face to face English Training) which can be seamlessly delivered to give a uniform and high class communication training program
  • Our English courses are designed to meet national and international standards, including the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), IELTS, TOEFL and CASAS Competencies and Contents
  • Gives learners the tools necessary to improve all aspects of their English language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Encourages both fluency and accuracy, and develops confidence by delivering a highly personalized learning experience via an easy-to-use platform
  • With its effective Learning Management System, it has streamlined accountability and data collection by monitoring learner activity at the student, class and institution level
  • PLANET ONE K12 STEM Content Solution is designed to cater to both the key stakeholders in the classroom - the teacher and the student
  • Our K12 STEM Content Solution comprises of
Math Content:

Dynamically linked activities

Science Solution:

Makes learning easier for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Curriculum aligned Content:

Lessons, Activities and assessments aligned to school curriculum.

  • The solution helps improve class interaction and collaboration designed for maximum effectiveness in a classroom environment.
  • The solution makes technology integrated education easier and is available on Windows, Android and MAC platforms
  • Includes 2D and 3D graphics to helps students visualize difficult concepts effectively
Core Stem Content Solution
Computer Aided – Learning (CAL)
  • With the advent of computers and technological advances like the Internet, the face of education world over has changed
  • The use of technology is prevalent in school education, higher education, teacher training and distance education
  • Our CAL solution ensures that technology is used effectively to address problems that schools and governments are grappling with, like student motivation, participation, absenteeism, drop-outs to name a few
  • Our CAL solution includes multimedia rich e-content/technology based learning materials based on inputs from subject matter experts and instructional designers
  • This gives teachers a platform to explain concepts and hard spots and helps students relate principles to real life scenarios and foster a spirit of inquiry
  • PLANET ONE Education has been at the forefront of partnering with various Governments to help them transform their education system as well as create a human capital capable of competing in the technologically driven global environment
  • We seek to ignite the potential of a nation through a range of world-class educational offerings and services that cater to diverse needs
  • Our intentions is to create a sustainable, quality-oriented vocational education system in schools
  • Through our Vocationalization of Schools initiative we impart skill levels aligned to National Occupational Standards
Vocationalization of Schools 
Vocationalization of Schools
  • PLANET ONE School Quality Improvement Program is an initiative aimed at the overall development of schools
  • The objective of this program is to establish a process of competence for any school to meet and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders
  • As part of this program, PLANET ONE Education collaborates with the partner school, conducts a baseline study and develops
    • » School Improvement Plans (SIP) and School Action Plans (SAP)
    • » School Improvement Programs comprise modules such as Management Development Program (MDP)
    • » Teacher Training Programme (TTP)
    • » Student Orientation Programme (SOP)
    • » Parent Orientation Programme (POP)
    • » Subject Specific Workshops (SSW)
    • » School Self Reviews and Accreditation Framework
  • PLANET ONE Education is a market leader in implementing ICT projects in schools and has implemented ICT projects in multiple formats across the globe
  • We have developed our ICT offering based on the varied research conducted by organizations like British Educational Communication and Technology Agency (BECTA) and UNESCO
  • Our ICT solution enables students, teachers and school staff to access a wide range of tools, services and digital resources to provide efficiencies in teaching, learning and school administration
  • The four key components of our ICT solutions are:
    • » ICT Curriculum for K – 12 Grade
    • » Teacher Sourcing and Local Capacity Building for Effective Usage of ICT in Education
    • » Creating Necessary ICT Infrastructure in Schools
    • » Operations, Support & Project Management – Skilled Resources
  • The programme ensures that children grow enjoying and hence developing a positive attitude towards sports/physical activity- increasing the chances that they grow up to be ‘Champions in Life’ with the right level of physical fitness
  • Uses age-appropriate play content & equipment
  • Focuses on inclusion
  • Teaches fundamental skills: It is important that some time is spent on ensuring that children learn the fundamentals before engaging in game-play
  • Ensures all the children have fun and enjoy sports/Physical Education experience
  • Engages with all the stakeholders (children, parents, teachers, school leaders) as part of the process
  • Focus on Skills & Fitness and not just on winning in a particular sport
  • PLANET ONE’s XLR8 assessment platform is one of the world’s largest online assessment platforms used to design, administer and report resulting data from school assessments
  • Our experts help in creating an assessment strategy as per national requirements
  • Assessment Platform for the country – The platform has enhanced flexibility and customization – adapting the system to the regional and cultural needs
  • In addition to the assessment platform we offer the following services:
    • » Item bank - professionally crafted, expertly aligned smart questions/items, ability to create your own questions
    • » Assessment and Screeners – specially designed benchmarking tests for knowing the proficiency of the students
    • » Teacher Training & Teacher enabled toolsets – to stimulate the tools available in various high stakes tests
    • » Advanced report generations – advanced capabilities for producing student test results
    • » Greater visual accommodations – to better accommodate individual student’s needs
    • » Text to speech capability - to make testing experience more responsive for students with special needs
PLANET ONE FAIM - Examination Management System
  • We understands the need for an efficient and secure Exam Management System that ensures faster delivery times, reliable security and effective evaluation process benefiting the Examination Board, Students and all other stakeholders in the process
  • To address this requirement, PLANET ONE offers FAIM – a fully functional , robust , secure, cost effective and proven Examination Management System
  • FAIM is a holistic solution to manage the pre-examination, during examination and post examination processes
  • FAIM also comprises of a question bank module for managing the questions and tests
  • FAIM has a unique solution design and follows a modular approach to the software functionality
  • FAIM is an evolving future-proof product that will continue to develop in line with requirements from our global clients and changes to technology
  • FAIM offers a truly 'generic' approach to managing any national or regional qualification and at the heart of this flexibility is the concept of three primary data groups: ‘Activities, 'Locations' and 'People'
  • Campus Management System (CMS) is a web based software package for the comprehensive Information Management and Decision Support System, including Administrative, Academic, Resource, Financial Management, Student Information, Student Tracking and Teacher Monitoring in schools
  • Our CMS offers integration of operational procedures and campus management information through a standardized framework
  • CMS offers campus information repository covering infrastructural and resource details of campus to promote quality education
  • CMS also offers an information based MIS to track performance and training needs of teachers and staff in schools
  • PLANET ONE Child Tracking System (CTS) is based on the belief that every child is special and deserves individual attention.
  • The CTS features a web-based application with centralized architecture to track information, pertaining to the child.
  • Today, CTS is used by various state governments across the world and touches the lives of over 10 million children.
  • CTS tracks every child in a state from 0 -18 years through a unique ID
  • CTS identifies ‘Children with Special Needs’, in order to plan individual programs
  • CTS identifies ‘out of school’ children along with the reasons for being ‘out of school
  • CTS collects information on gender, category, religion and seasonal migration in order to set and monitor targets for improvement
  • CTS generates MIS reports based on all available parameters with drill-down functionality for analysis
  • Bright IDEA is the web-based, special education data management system on which state and district administrators rely on to support decision-making at all levels
  • With Bright IDEA, administers can create, monitor and evaluate Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each child with special needs
  • Bright IDEA Automated IEP generation and validation process with the integrated form assistant module
  • Bright IDEA consolidates the vast array of state and district-level databases into one organized and comprehensive entity
  • Bright IDEA includes the Unique ID feature to provide student records with unique identifiers and prevent data duplication with accurate student counts