Vocational Education Solutions

Quality technical education develops an individual’s ability to think and apply his knowledge to practical problems. It not only provides individuals the means of ensuring lifelong learning but also enhances industrial productivity and boosts his social output and contribution to the nation’s economy.

However, Government institutes find it difficult to impart the advanced skills and training needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Employability Education fills the gap by bringing the required program with an attempt to develop a skilled workforce and create a robust economic ecosystem, both of which are critical components of long-term economic development and political stability.

PLANET ONE’s Vocational Education offerings bridge the gap between employment opportunities and the skill sets of unemployed youth by:

  • Creating employability training ecosystems encompassing globally acclaimed technologies, methodologies & training systems.
  • Nurturing and Developing institutes of excellence in industrial training
  • Content and certification from renowned international universities
  • Introducing program for updating the faculty with industry needs

PLANET ONE Vocational Education delivers its offering through:

  • Creating employability training ecosystems encompassing globally acclaimed technologies, methodologies & training systems.
  • PLANET ONE Vocational Education Services
  • PLANET ONE Vocational Education Turnkey Solutions
  • PLANET ONE Skill Development Institutes
PLANET ONE Education
Core  English Language Solution

PLANET ONE Vocational Education offers a wide range of services that improve student skills and boost employability by preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century workplace.

PLANET ONE Vocational Education has the following service offerings:

Careertech Education:

PLANET ONE Education has designed curriculum and educational courses to meet the needs of students and adults, to enable them to be employed by the business community. PLANET ONE Education delivers employability skills and certifications for both students and adult learners. With a wide range of career options, students select career pathways that provide lifetime opportunities for employment and growth. This model develops programs and services focused on ‘employability’ through technical career training for students and adults.

PLANET ONE Education has partnered with world class institutions- recognized for its career and technical education like ITE Singapore and MCAST Malta. Such partnerships have resulted in a replicable and scalable employability model for technical career education.

Some of the industries covered in the ‘employability’ courses are:

  • Automobile
  • Building & Construction - Masonry
  • Building & Construction - Draughtsman ship
  • Carpentry Joinery
  • Catering
  • Computer Hardware Business Machines
  • Dress Making & Tailoring
  • Electronics
  • General Agriculture
  • General Electrical
  • General Printing
  • Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy
  • Heavy Duty Mechanics Tools
  • ICT
  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Leather Works
  • Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice Dept
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics MVM Tools
  • Motor Vehicle Electricals MVE Tools
  • Plumbing Tools
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioning
  • Secretarial and Computer Training
  • Textile Decoration
  • Textile hand weaving
  • Welding & Fabrication
Career Readiness Program:

Training in soft skills helps candidates cope with the complexities of the workplace and attain professional success. Which is why, PLANET ONE Malta Education offers training in the following essential soft skills.

  • Applied Math
  • Locating & Reading For information
  • Applied Technology
  • Listening
  • Observation
  • Teamwork
  • Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Work Habits
Technical Faculty Training:

Today, training the faculty is as important as training the students. PLANET ONE Education offers various industry- linked training programs that update the teaching staff on the latest practices and development in the real world.

Core  English Language Solution
  • PLANET ONE provides dedicated courses which supports women empowerment.
  • We focus on imparting necessary skills to women so that they are able to earn their livelihood and support their families
  • PLANET ONE also focuses on providing Entrepreneurship

PLANET ONE has a special training intervention for prospective Entrepreneur covering

  • Personality Development and Social Interaction skills Training for prospective Entrepreneurs
  • Book keeping & Inventory skills Training for prospective Entrepreneurs
  • Emphasis would be to make prospective Entrepreneurs keep track of the money transactions and maintain records in simple form.
  • Entrepreneurs should also be able to maintain record of their raw-material and product quantity
    • » Simple book keeping formats – money received v/s money given
    • » Simple addition, subtraction exercises
    • » Simple inventory concepts – stock, order, quantity, delivery
    • » Maintenance of Simple inventory records – formats
    • » Exercises & case studies
  • Knowledge of schemes/policies and informing them to prospective Entrepreneurs
  • Understanding of fund linkage and bank facilities based processes and procedures

The turnkey solutions help boost the employability through collaborations and partnerships with governments and the industry.

The PLANET ONE Turnkey Solutions comprise of:

Total Employability Ecosystem – Public-Private Partnership

With a view to help governments boost the employability of its youth; PLANET ONE Education seeks to build “Total Employability Ecosystem” in partnership with industry & Academia. The offerings can be tailor-made to meet a government’s needs and key focus areas. Options for the implementation are:-

  • Skill development courses in centers: New or alternate training infrastructure capacities for vocational training for industry linked, certified employability preparation & enhancement for B2B (Business to Business), B2G (Business to Government) & B2C (Business to Consumer) segment
  • Partnership programs with local Government Employability Projects: Customized employability training courses as per the government needs.
PLANET ONE Education
PLANET ONE Education

PLANET ONE Skill Development Institutes, with support from industry and academic experts, empowers the youth with in-demand skill sets that can help them secure employment. PLANET ONE Skill Development Institutes comprise:

World-class Skill Development Institutes

With its world-class Skill Development Institutes, PLANET ONE Education is setting a benchmark in skill development. The aim is to offer skill-specific training that will help students find excellent job opportunities in the global workplace. PLANET ONE Education partners with the local government to deliver this world-class training to students. The government’s role includes identifying and allocating land, helping in accreditations and regulatory compliance, subsidizing fees; ensuring candidates are available for training and providing subsidies and tax exemptions for utility expenses and operating costs.